Uphill Rush 6


Uphill rush 6 is a new addition to the Uphill Rush games and it has action packed adventure.   You can ride Jet Ski, horse, bicycle or a motorcycle through the obstacles on the maps to reach to the finishing line.


The game uses different arrows keys that can be customized to be what the player wants or to set the controls to the keys that are more comfortable with him. The default controls are P for pausing the game, M for toggling the map off or on, space bar for performing stunts or jumping, right arrow for leaning forward, left arrow leaning back, down arrow for reversing and up arrow for accelerating.



Uphill rush 6 uses 10 maps to play and they have to be completed to win the game. The map one, three, five, seven and nine are meant for the time trial while map two, four, eight and ten are meant to be used for game racing. Besides, the addition on the increased number of the maps that the player should use to play, there are some bonus round with the event called Race Your Friends.

When you end every map, you will be given the coins and you will get money to buy new vehicles with better outfits. The game has bonus round and to be able to complete the bonus round, you should complete first other maps. The first bonus round is given when you complete map one, three and five, while the second one is given when you complete the maps two four and six yandere simulator. When you beat every bonus round, you will unlock the additional cars and you will be able to use a set of new maps.

Race You friends Event lets the player to invite his friends on Facebook to play this game and to challenge them in the tasks to see who is a better person.  This gives an edge to the game when a person knows that he can win or lose.

The racer is fully customized. You are the one to decide on the outfit and racer gender. You can even choose the color you want for the outfit. There are many outfits that have been locked, but you can unlock them if you complete the maps and collect the game money.

The game has many vehicle options that you may use to play like turtles, ponies, dirty bikes, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, water tubes, sail boats and speed boats.  The colors of the vehicles are customizable.


Game Play

When you start to play, you are given five lives for every level. If you are too good, you are going to get a high score and you will be able to get an extra life. The children who are over 6 years can play the game since there is no bad language or violence involved. In time trail mode, you will have to race against your computer within the race mode. When you are able to earn more money, you will get also a chance to upgrade to more stylish outfits and better vehicles to play with.